To judge by comments on the Gazette website, it is safe to say that the profession did not greet with unmitigated joy the initiative to open the legal services complaints process to non-clients.

Readers took issue with many of the so-called ‘horror stories’ floated in support of the Legal Services Consumer Panel’s campaign. Several pointed out that the ‘case studies’ were, almost by definition, unproven allegations by individuals with an axe to grind.   

But Obiter’s favourite reaction was: ‘One of my few remaining pleasures in practising is telling obnoxious, loudmouth, know-all non-clients to bugger off. It doesn’t happen often, but there are those who think it is open season on solicitors and that they can say what they like and we are “not allowed” to react.’

Perhaps readers have their own (publishable) tips for dealing with the OLK brigade?