Law firms don’t generally tailor their office space to their speciality: shipping firms are generally based on dry land and clinical negligence firms do not tend to set up shop in hospital wards (at least not yet).

But regional firm Thrings is taking a different approach. It has left its base in Southampton city centre for refurbished offices in the Broadlands Estates in the Hampshire countryside.

According to its website, Broadlands offers a selection of commercial properties including rural offices, converted from traditional farm buildings, light industrial units and storage space. The idea, the firm tells Obiter, is to provide a space for clients in the agricultural sphere.

The firm says the offices provide ‘city-standard commercial facilities in a rural setting to clients, many of whom require legal advice in the closely related practice areas of agriculture, agribusiness, landed estates and private affairs’.

An insider tells us the occasional pheasant can be seen wandering by the office. Which other firms tailor their office space to their client base? Details (and pictures) please to