Obiter was shocked to see a mugshot of former Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association chair Bill Waddington (picturedt). Thankfully, it’s all in the name of ‘charidee’. Waddington, a director at East Yorkshire firm Williamsons, is one of four solicitors facing a day in prison to raise money for the Smile Foundation as part of its ‘Boss Behind Bars’ fundraising event.

Joining Waddington inside are colleague Sarah Clubley, director and head of the family and childcare department, and Gosschalks Solicitors partners Andrew Bell and Clare Johnson. The four have been nominated by their employees to spend 24 February at HMP Hull after being tried at Hull Magistrates’ Court.

The solicitors will be arrested and taken to court for a short trial. Whatever defence is relied on will be rejected; they will be convicted and carted off to the clink.

They must raise sufficient bail via donations for the governor to grant a pardon and release them back into the community.

Waddington said he and Clubley got involved to mark their firm’s 125th anniversary.

Of his forthcoming trial, he said: ‘I am nervous, particularly as I already know my defence will fail and that I am going to be convicted and sent to prison – just like real life actually!’