For the past few years ‘Mighty Sword of Justice’ from campaigning singer Tom Robinson (yes he of ‘2-4-6-8 Motorway’ and ‘Glad to be Gay’) has been regularly lifting the spirits of legal aid lawyers. Rather as a boxer might warm up to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or singletons take over the dancefloor to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’, solicitors have an anthem to stir the emotions in uncertain times. 

The opening verse sets the tone. ‘My Daddy did his articles in 1954/When he began soliciting/The work stuck in his craw/Enforcing for the bourgeoisie/He very quickly saw/There’s one law for the rich/And another one for the poor.’

While some may think access to justice a lost cause, Obiter is delighted to see that Robinson is still doing his bit. His latest gig was at the opening of a new office for North Lincolnshire firm Mason Baggott & Garton. As the anthem reveals, Robinson has strong family connections with the law: not only is he the son of a solicitor but he has a cousin in Mason Baggott and Garton (which may explain the invite…).