When Obiter quite innocently asked for suggestions of law firms guaranteed to persuade debtors to cough up, we had no idea that quite so many organisations would be rumbled sending out threatening messages under dubious letterheads.

The choices of name still show a distressing lack of imagination, however: the Student Loans Company’s ‘Smith Lawson and Company (SLC – geddit?) shows about as much sophistication as a no-parking request labelled POLITE NOTICE.

Luckily, Gazette readers are ready with more imaginative monikers. ‘Conners & Snyde’ or ‘Cutts & Burns’ were suggested by Joanne Twemlow of Manchester, while Duncan Brown of Ipswich proposed a touch of the late Rik Mayall with ‘B’stard & B’stard’. We were definitely tickled by ‘Isle, Bee, Bach’ (Returnies At Law) from David Chambers of Nottingham.

But on balance the green bottle goes to Olivett Ihama of Kenilworth for the elegant (and strangely plausible) ‘Rock, Harde & Place LLP’.

An opponent you would not want to find yourself up against…

Thanks to all. Out of consideration for our libel lawyer, we will not reproduce one entry, which on checking turned out to be the name of a real New York firm.