Obiter commends the Wildeian wit and prosaic elegance of ‘creative agency’ (always an easy target, we know) Isaac Parker. Gazette reporter John Hyde’s blog this week questioning the value of law firm TV advertising prompted that outfit to dub our colleague a ‘vindictive little shit’. Mmm.

As we are apparently in the realms of brute honesty, here’s a paragraph from Parker’s own website: ‘Our design method is a robust and effective process for the management of creativity and innovation in law firms.

‘It is designed to deliver novel solutions to marketing challenges while minimising risk, building consensus, delivering measurable business results.’

Anyone who can deliver (sic) sense out of that, please let us know.

Incidentally, Parker offers advice on how to write a legal blog. Lesson 1 presumably being: never sink to ad hominem abuse or profanity, no matter how much you disagree with somebody. Especially somebody who can answer back.