Opinion – Page 11

  • Eduardo Reyes

    The cost of having principles


    If general counsel advise an ethical response to wrongdoing and are ignored, it undermines their ability to do the core job of managing risk.

  • Berlin skyline

    PII news focus: running for cover

    16 September 2013

    Berliner’s exit from the PII market has created turmoil for 1100 law firms, providing a dramatic end to a troubled PII renewal season.

  • johnhyde

    PI firms should fear referral fee questions


    Firms that assumed life would go as normal in spite of the referral fee ban need to act 

  • Opinion

    Baffled by SRA enigma

    2 September 2013

    We need a password to fill in an SRA form. The SRA has not provided the password.

  • Jonathan Goldsmith

    Exploding myths about cross-border movement


    Jonathan Goldsmith looks at the directives that allow EU lawyers to practise in other member states without having to requalify.

  • johnhyde

    Insurers’ pull-out plunges firms into crisis


    Some practices face a scramble to find insurance cover

  • Karen Anderson

    Government bank sanction plans are flawed

    22 July 2013

    The Treasury has accepted the recommendation of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards

  • Opinion

    Embracing compliance - like going to the gym


    Much has been said and reported about the cost of regulatory compliance, but not so much about the benefits of compliance as a driver of quality and competitive advantage through creating better processes and controls. The SRA’s report Attitudes to regulation and compliance in legal services showed that ...

  • Opinion

    Speedier ABS processing

    15 July 2013

    In response to Adam Entwistle's letter which was critical of the time taken by the SRA to process an ABS licensing application, I would like to reassure potential applicants that this has speeded up significantly since we introduced changes earlier this year. We listened to the profession, and ...

  • Opinion

    Should we allow non-graduate entry?

    15 July 2013

    SRA chair Charles Plant says there should be a return to non-graduate entry to the profession . Over the years I have thought this too. After all, I am a five-year man myself. At the end of this month I retire and my views have changed. The law ...

  • Lesleygraves

    Counting the cost of interventions


    The cost of law firm failures is being felt across the solicitors’ profession. The Gazette reported recently that the unprecedented bill for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) intervening in failing firms means that we will all have to pay an extra £23 each towards the compensation fund in the ...

  • Opinion

    Time for a ‘sub-profession’ in the law?

    08 July 2013

    The article about interventions in last week’s Gazette, which included a description of the consequences and cost of the collapse of Blakemores, should have us all worried for the future of our profession. It is clear now that our leaders were mistaken when they allowed first advertising and later ...

  • Opinion

    SRA rules are inconsistent

    01 July 2013

    The Solicitors Regulation Authority is taking an average of seven months to license an alternative business structure, and 20% of applications have taken longer than nine months to process. Schedule 11 of the Legal Services Act prescribes that the decision period must be six months from the date an ...