Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and interventions

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society, which may be subject to appeal.

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Directors culpable for advice on bust property investment scheme


Solicitors said they were victims themselves of scheme that collapsed before completion.


Freshfields threatens to fine partners for 'inappropriate behaviour'


The magic circle firm is establishing a conduct committee to ensure ‘inappropriate behaviour is called out and acted upon’.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

Decisions and SRA interventions

21 October 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).

Mr Justice Flaux

Solicitor struck off in High Court after SRA wins leniency appeal


Kwame Siaw had been fined £10,000 by the tribunal and not found to be dishonest.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

Solicitor who missed tribunal after surgery denied rehearing


Parvez Akther, who was struck off in January, claimed he was ‘woolly headed’ after operation.


Solicitor suspended after firm waited years to pay disbursements


Jayne Greer did not know about non-payments but found responsible for allowing situation to arise.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

Ban for solicitor who enabled £62k overpayment on property


Harrow-based solicitor was driven by ‘personal financial gain’ according to the SDT.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

Decisions and SRA interventions

14 October 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).


SRA ‘surprised’ by Freshfields partner's punishment


Regulator hints at possible appeal as clarity sought on what sanctions must be imposed.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

Jailed solicitor banned after defrauding own firm of £13k


Gregory Davies is struck off having already been sentenced to a year’s imprisonment in January.


Freshfields hearing adjourned after closing submissions


The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal expected to deliver its verdict in Ryan Beckwith case tomorrow.

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City lawyer misled firm for over a year about passing exam


Tribunal does not accept Michael Freeman’s submission he was too scared to admit failure.

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Father and son barristers disciplined for disclosure failures


Naseem Bajwa did not tell the bar regulator about a previous run-in with the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

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'Person A' instigated contact, tribunal hears


Sixth day of hearing into conduct of Freshfields partner hears cross-examination by prosecution.

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Beckwith: Freshfields partner resigns as SDT fines him £35,000

2019-10-07T00:01:00+01:00By Gazette reporters

Ryan Beckwith was accused of sexual misconduct involving a junior female colleague.


SDT decisions

7 October 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).

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‘She was not too drunk to decide’: Beckwith denies taking advantage


Freshfields partner says he would never contemplate abusing his position as high-profile tribunal case continues.

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Freshfields' Beckwith: I didn't kiss colleague after boozy firm outing


Hearing continues into allegations of misconduct against married magic circle partner.


'Wheels came off' for Person A after incident with Freshfields colleague, SDT told


Former flatmate gives evidence on fourth day of hearing in case against magic circle partner Ryan Beckwith.

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'I blamed myself': Person A describes feelings after alleged Freshfields incidents


Woman at centre of allegations against magic circle partner Ryan Beckwith cross-examined over her own conduct.


'Person A' quizzed on 'notorious private members' club'


Third day of hearing of allegations against Freshfields partner Ryan Beckwith.

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Ex-partner pays firm £24,000 after admitting expenses dishonesty


Igor Krivoshekov is struck off the roll following an agreed outcome with the SRA.


Freshfields misconduct case adjourned


Ryan Beckwith is facing charges over his conduct towards a female junior colleague.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

SDT decisions

30 September 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).


Tribunal ‘extremely troubled’ by SRA investigator’s inadequate evidence


Bulk of case against experienced solicitor is thrown out following criticism.


Axiom ‘debacle’: SRA faces £81k costs bill after failed prosecution


Case against former business and marketing boss had been sent back to the tribunal by the High Court.


Solicitor who created fake claimant is struck off


Shuaib Saeed said the 'victim' should be paid almost £4,000 of compensation.

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Solicitor struck off in 2013 for repeated misconduct is readmitted


John Parker Swindell did ‘all he could to restore his reputation’ in the six years after his strike off.

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Solicitor gifted £404k in client wills ‘preyed on vulnerable’


Jonathan Leslie Horner ‘massively damaged the reputation of the profession’.

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Estates solicitor struck off after undervaluing client assets by £50k


Tribunal hears Richard Steven Davies took more than double the costs that appeared in estate accounts.

Royal Courts of Justice, Strand

Struck-off solicitor who misled client was dishonest, rules judge

16 September 2019By

Norwich solicitor fails in attempt to have SDT decision overturned.

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SDT decisions and interventions

16 September 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).

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Tribunal fines solicitor found in contempt over breached court order


Mohammed Younis said he acted out of a promise made to his father.

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Right to be forgotten… in 60 years’ time


SDT updates its judgment publication policy.

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Solicitor eyeing retirement lost control as his firm collapsed


Midlands practitioner allowed two unchecked people to run immigration arm, with disastrous consequences.

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SDT decisions and interventions

9 September 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).

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Alcoholic former solicitor banned for assaulting paramedics


SDT strikes off non-practising solicitor after conviction at Leeds Crown Court.

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Solicitor fined £10,000 for breaching accounts rules


Former partner and compliance officer admitted to the breaches but denied manifest incompetence.



2 September 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).


‘Square peg in a round hole' family solicitor struck off


Stephen Anthony Hogan, admitted in July 1997, says he is not the right type of person to be a solicitor.

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Solicitor who withdrew thousands from elderly client’s account struck off


George James Stanley Lonsdale admitted to drawing over £6,000 for his personal use from accounts held by an 85-year-old client.

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Solicitor who repeatedly lied to clients struck off


Rhodd Llwyd Humphreys said she had obtained a grant of probate when she had not.

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Overcharging solicitor struck off after more than 50 years in practice


Harold Anthony Newell, who was born in 1938, overcharged clients in probate cases, tribunal finds.


Solicitor jailed for immigration conspiracy struck off


Sheikh Muhammad Usman was jailed for seven years for his part in a scheme to falsify immigration documents.

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Solicitors in conflict of interest case ordered to pay £70k


Eric Christopher Evans and David Alan Whiteley admitted to selling the freehold of four sites despite having financial interests in the transaction.


Solicitor embroiled in dubious investment scheme fined £25k


Mark Andrew Fallon admitted to allegations of acting recklessly and failing to adequately monitor funding arrangements.

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Ponzi scheme solicitor suspended over property dealings


Leeds solicitor served with six-month suspension after acting for property scheme operators and investors.

David greene

SDT strikes out private prosecution against top London law firm chief


Complainant ordered to pay David Greene’s costs after Edwin Coe senior partner found to have no case to answer.

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'Fearful' principal forged signatures to cover mistake


Property solicitor agrees outcome resulting in his being struck off the roll.

Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie misconduct case scheduled for December


Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal had been due to conduct a case management hearing today.


PI solicitor cleared of misconduct over handling of claim


Defendant solicitors had reported Sohail Ghani to the SRA, but the tribunal found allegations unproven.

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‘Cavalier’ solicitor failed to protect interests of vulnerable client


Lawyer struck off following hearing before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.


Onasanya struck off after 'disastrous' perverting course of justice conviction


Tribunal imposes ultimate sanction against former MP - and also slashes SRA's claimed-for costs.

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Legal cashier with criminal record banned from practice


Omer Mian was convicted of conspiracy to defraud after providing dodgy employment references.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal courtroom

SDT decisions

5 August 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).


Veteran solicitors fined and hit with £21,000 costs bill over account rule breaches


Peter Brogan and Martin Steven Baddiel were ordered to pay £7,501 and £8,500 respectively, on top of a £20,823 cost bill.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

Solicitor struck off for Dubai mobile phones theft


Solicitor of 15 years jailed for one month after being convicted of opportunistic attempted theft at an airport.


SRA reveals charges in Baker McKenzie 'intimate activity' case


Gary Senior is accused of sexual misconduct while two former senior figures face accusations over an allegedly flawed investigation.

Neil buckley

Final box ticked on civil standard of proof for accused solicitors


'Balance of probabilities' will come into force in solicitor tribunals in November following super regulator's approval.

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Decisions and SRA interventions

29 July 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).

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