Some 33 jobs are still at risk in international firm Baker McKenzie's London operations eight months after the start of a back-office reorganisation, the firm revealed today. 

Managers told a regular 'town hall' meeting that, out of 97 roles identified as at risk at the start of a collective redundancy consultation, 31 people had been placed in suitable alternative roles, 15 taken an enhanced redundancy package and 18 had resigned to take up jobs elsewhere. However 33 people remain in roles at risk: 'We continue to see if there are alternative positions, with enhanced redundancy packages available where not'. 

A spokesperson said: 'The ongoing review in London is part of the firm’s three-year global reorganisation of our professional business services functions, which includes the creation of new roles, growth in our service centres and investments in new technologies and new services.

'We are grateful to our people in London and globally for their engagement, professionalism and patience throughout this process to date. We continue to work with those still in roles at risk and in cases where suitable alternative roles are unavailable will offer an enhanced redundancy package.'

Announcing the review last October, the firm's global chief operating officer said the aim was to create 'a more modern and agile' back office.