Co-op Legal Services today announced the creation of an online divorce service designed to cater around the clock for couples who want to start proceedings immediately on deciding to split up. 

The alternative business structure believes its new service can potentially cut the amount of time it takes to complete a non-contested divorce by a third, from a potential 6-9 months to as quickly as four months.

The company says three in five family law enquiries now come from web channels and many clients want to begin proceedings as soon as they have made the decision.

Tracey Moloney, head of family law at Co-op Legal Services, said the firm expects enquiries to more than double in the first three months of this year compared to the same period in 2017, with March expected to be the peak month in the calendar year.

She added: ‘We do see a number of divorce enquiries coming in the early hours of the morning, as people want to feel like they are moving things on. Divorce isn’t something to be entered into lightly, but once a couple has made up their mind to get a divorce, we can begin to offer them the advice and legal support they need, at a time to suit them.’

The service is available only for non-contested divorces in England and Wales where a couple have made the mutual decision to divorce. It costs £600 plus £550 court fees.

Clients will start their divorce online, supported by phone-based advice, then book a follow-up call with a solicitor who completes the papers on their behalf and returns them for signing. Once confirmation is received from the spouse, Co-op completes the divorce on the client’s behalf.

The firm already has an online wills and lasting power of attorney service.