Despite costs budgeting being introduced in April 2013, 45% of solicitors still don't believe the process is working well for them or their clients.

The result is part of a survey carried out by costs lawyers Kain Knight.

Other findings include 63.8% of solicitors feeling that the courts 'are not really doing their bit' with substantial increases in court listing times. 'This causes further anxiety and stress to those litigating.'

Matt Kain, director of Kain Knight Group, said: ‘The Jackson reforms, combined with the governments’ cutbacks, have created unforeseen challenges for the courts.

‘Unless changes are made or investment is given to the court service, these problems, short term, will only compound.’

Meanwhile, the company announced that it had acquired Johnson & Johnson Costs Lawyers and Consultants for an undisclosed sum.

This follows its acquisition of London-based Quantum Costs in November 2013 and Dubai-based Settle First in September 2014.

Chief executive Peter Petyt said: ‘We continue to believe, post-Jackson, that only the very largest firms of costs lawyers will thrive in this new marketplace and we are firmly on course to become the largest independent legal costs business in the UK.’