The Law Society’s chief executive has issued a rallying call to the claimant sector to lobby the government for a reversal of recent legal reforms.

Desmond Hudson said the insurance industry had shown how to influence legislators through collective campaigning. This week’s announcement by the Ministry of Justice that it will leave the small claims track limit at £1,000 was a ‘high watermark’ for the insurance lobby, he said.

Now the Society willl lead a new campaign to collect evidence and information to help convince politicians to look again at civil litigation changes.

Speaking at today’s Motor Accident Solicitors Society conference, Hudson said: 'We have studied very carefully how [the insurers] did it and what they did. We want to issue a call to the entire profession to start gathering factual evidence of where there is injustice.

‘We will take the information to the commissioner in Brussels and legislators in Westminster. We need to work together to redress the injustice that has been done - we need to engage with politicians and show them how their constituents are being ill-treated by the system.’

Hudson said it was important to push the message that Jackson reforms were always intended to go alongside the retention of civil legal aid.

He suggested there are ‘worrying aspects’ around firms' willingness to be transparent about costs and deductions from damages. ‘No win, no fee is impossible to sustain in the medium term,’ he said. ‘There are problems building in the referral fee prohibition where it is not working.’