Andrew Tucker, Irwin Mitchell

Andrew Tucker

National firm Irwin Mitchell has announced that 110 jobs may be at risk as it prepares the business for emerging from the coronavirus lockdown.

The firm said the majority of roles affected are from business support and group services, with two fee-earners included. This is as a result of changes in working practices and an increased move to digital ways of working, which have accelerated in recent months. The roles affected are spread across all offices.

A consultation will now take place regarding the jobs identified, with Irwin Mitchell saying it is committed to considering alternative proposals and any possible redeployment.

Andrew Tucker, group chief executive at Irwin Mitchell, said: ‘Since the Covid-19 pandemic began the world of work has changed considerably and the legal industry is not immune from that.

‘Our ongoing review into the impact of Covid-19 has identified a number of roles that have changed significantly. Our rapid move to be more digital, and near total home-working, has meant we’ve adopted new processes, new ways of connecting and collaborating and reduced our reliance on more traditional paper document handling.

‘To ensure that our colleagues are fully supported and have the opportunity to explore our proposals and provide opportunities to identify alternative proposals we will now undergo a collective consultation in relation to those roles.’

The firm, which employs 3,000 people, last month announced that the majority of people on reduced hours and furlough were returning to the business due to trading being ahead of forecast. Offices reopened for ‘bubbles’ of staff who were struggling to work from home. Around 170 staff remain on furlough due to reduced workloads and discussions opened about extending their time away or about working fewer hours.