National firm Slater and Gordon has placed around 10 fee earners at risk of redundancy as it continues to evolve into a technology-led business.

The firm said it intends to restructure its consumer legal services division over the next few months, looking at family and employment in particular.

This follows a review affecting the personal injury department which has seen that team shrink in size. The firm said it is looking at options for redeploying anyone impacted by the latest changes.

In a statement, the firm said that access to legal services remains out of reach for too many people in employment and family law especially, prompting a change in how services are offered and the staff numbers required for that to happen. 

The firm added: ‘We’ve reshaped our personal injury services to make them far more technology-driven, intuitive and accessible. And now is the time to fundamentally restructure our [consumer] business to ensure we provide the same high quality, digital, affordable services we do in PI.    

‘The disconnect between the products and services offered to PI customers compared to those accessing other services needs is a problem across the industry and we are going to disrupt the market before it disrupts us.’

Slater and Gordon has made no secret of its ambition to use technology to change the way legal services are offered. Earlier this month, chief executive David Whitmore said the company ‘don’t really want to be a law firm’ and regarded itself more as a services business.

Whitmore told the Gazette: ‘If you look at the business now the majority of our people are not legally qualified. We have a lot of people work in support services.

‘You look at the capability of the people going forward and they will probably have some legal training but they will be technology-literate and be good communicators understanding how to use smart media.’


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