The Law Society will not face any action following complaints about its summer personal injury advertising campaign, the industry’s watchdog has ruled.

The Advertising Standards Authority decided Chancery Lane’s ‘Don’t Get Mugged’ campaign, which ran for six weeks in July and August, did not breach its code.

The advert encouraged accident victims to seek legal representation from solicitors rather than rely on a third-party capture offer from an insurer.

In total six complaints were made: four arguing the advert denigrated insurers and suggested they were criminals who acted unfairly, beat up or bullied claimants. Two further complainants said the image was inappropriate and likely to distress victims of muggings.

On the first objection, the ASA council found consumers were likely to interpret the image as intended and treat the ‘Don’t Get Mugged’ slogan as a colloquial reference to consumers losing out on compensation. The argument that the advert suggested insurers were criminals was rejected.

The council also considered it was clear the image referred to accident victims and there was little chance of serious or widespread offence or distress.

The Law Society has now been informed by the ASA that no action will be taken on the basis of the complaints.

The Society has maintained the campaign was intended to be eye-catching and memorable and would meet advertising standards.

The insurance industry and the Forum of Insurance Lawyers both released statements denouncing the campaign.