A prominent London dispute and litigation lawyer has been referred to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in relation to allegations involving European parliamentary expenses claims by a client. 

A decision published by the Solicitors Regulation Authority yesterday emphasises that the allegations against Christopher Charles Edward Hayes, a partner at national firm Edward Hayes LLP, are subject to a tribunal hearing and are as yet unproven.

The allegations are understood to relate to the case of former MEP Ashley Mote who was jailed last year after being convicted on 12 charges relating to claims for parliamentary expenses. 

According to the decision, the tribunal has certified that there is a case to answer in respect of three allegations.

The first allegation is permitting funds, under a contract for services, received from the European Parliament to be used for the client for purposes not authorised by the contract.

The second allegation is inducing the European Parliament to pay for legal services supplied to the client by not stating the true agreement in the contract and to pay for legal services under an annex to the contract and invoice which did not correctly describe the legal services.

The third allegation is making false statements regarding amounts invoiced to the client under the contract intending the statements to be provided to the European Parliament to support the client’s parliamentary expenses claims.

Hayes has been approached for comment.