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Joanna sorry to take your space but the readers need some straight talking.

The whole point of getting a Case Management System is to increase fee earning staff productivity by automating the jobs of most of the non-fee earning staff hence saving on their wages and the office space they work in. This means redundancy payments and every fee earner being able to touch type. If that's too much for you stop reading now and get ready to retire.

Security and Confidentiality. There is none. Forget the nonsense about IMAP email. The best you can do is 256 bit encryption with passwords of 40+ random characters changed every week. It's not perfect but it's cheap and will keep out the teenage hackers, baffle the crooks, and delay the authorities.

Beauty Parades. You don't know what you're looking at. So what you need to know is how to pick a consultant. This is what they tell you if they aren't selling.
1/ The user interface (UI) is the most important part of the product. If it's not easy to use and simple to get your head around, then it's money down the drain.
2/ Reliability. This CMS, the files on it , and your access to them, are your firm. It needs to "just work" all the time. The most reliable option is a full service cloud hosted product and Apple Macs, ipads and iphones.
3/ The system needs a document tree dependent on the matter and progression, with correspondence populated from att notes.
4/ Automated time recording, billing, book keeping and some banking are non-negotiable requirements.
5/ Beware systems that sell themselves on measuring productivity. Thats not what you're buying. You're buying a system to enhance the productivity of your professional staff. If it doesn't do that first and foremost, it's a waste of money.

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