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Anon @ 09:46 am. One could see your expertise at regurgitating all you have been fed from the Daily Rags that must out-blow every news item to suit their reactionary agendas. People of different creed and cultures have been living together in peace for many years in this country until the rags begins to feel threatened since that is not what they wanted. Hence they have to go to certain parts of the country to exaggerate on the so-called problems caused by 'immigrants' and immigration. Everyone knows prior to this that immigration has not been a problem in the country. Unfortunately many people unable to reason for themselves were subsequently brainwashed to believe their stories, often repeatedly reported to generate support for their position. Now many people have been indoctrinated to believe there is 'immigration problems' but ask them to define such problems and they have not a single clue except again to regurgitate what the rags have fed them with.
People like you should be asking yourself the question why out of the whole Europe (with the exception of some right-wing elements in certain countries) the UK is the only country that always whinge and whine about the EU, about immigration, about benefits etc. as if it is the only country in the EU or that the EU have different laws and legislation for the other member countries.

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