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@Neil Taylor

You're jumping all over the place here and you are grossly misinformed to boot.

Welsh revenue is less than the amount of money the Welsh government receives under the barnet formula, and this is something English people and MP's have been complaining about for decades. English taxpayers are topping up Welsh spending because Wales can't generate enough on it's own. Your points about contributing to English costs when Wales receives more than it generates is bizarre and misinformed.

The number of English MP's to Welsh is also about as relevant as comparing them to the number of US senators when we're talking about DEVOLVED POWERS that the Welsh Government already has control over, and is failing badly compared to their counterparts in NI, Scotland, and England. It's beyond question that the Welsh NHS is being underfunded by decisions taken in Cardiff, is the worst performing in the UK. No-one in Westminster is telling the Welsh Government how to spend their budget for Wales, so any criticism of underfunded services need to be laid at the feet of the Welsh Government and not the UK Government.

I mean, you don't actually seem to know how the welsh system of government currently works, so maybe read up on that before you come in so heavy handed with points that outright don't make sense.

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