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Anonymous it is you that is jumping all over the place and are grossly misinformed.
This is the situation in a nutshell. (1) Wales is ruled by England. Following the last election 96% of the government's MPs represent England. (2) The ONS figures for disposable income for December 2014 show London at £20,509 with North East England at £13,560. The further an area is from London the poorer it is. (3) Limited companes pay their taxes, NHI and VAT at their HQ's often in south England. Many, like supermarkets, have branches in Wales. Taxes like fuel duty are paid where the fuel is bought. Usually by their HQs in England. (4) Quite simply Wales is treated like a remote peripheral region of England and not like a country rich in natural resources which it is. Wales exports energy, meat and poultry yet according to you it is massively subsided by England. The reality is Wales subsidises England.

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