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As someone dealing with professional negligence I am wondering what the standard of duty of care would be. Will it be that of a competent regulated lawyer (solicitor/barrister) or that of any ol' person who fancies a go?

But if someone desperately needs support and cannot afford it (and I don't mean cannot afford it after paying for Sky and their mobile bill etc but are truly destitute) then provided a framework is there to ensure a reasonable standard of representation then why not?

But therein lies the problem. Ensuring an appropriate standard costs money, and nobody wants to pay for it. Not clients, not the government, not anyone.

My opinion - set up a centrally funded organisation that has qualified lawyers that can represent those clients that would formerly qualify for legal aid. Have branch offices in every major town with 3 or 4 solicitors at each one with allowance for assistants.

Chuck £1bn at it and you have employed solicitors not stressing about profitability or about feeding themselves but dealing with everything before them for a decent wage.

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