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Anon 11.15 My Cockapoo is fairly bright (he still attacks his own reflection in shiny furniture, but given the views of some of the judiciary expressed in the Gazette, I'd say he could hold his own). Due to his style of coat, he requires NO wig (extra saving). Plus having had extensive experience in assessing all the evidence in many cases I have dealt with (he's chewed quite a lot of files) he is easily able to make a decision by walking to a piece of paper marked either "Applicant/Plaintiff or "Respondent/Defendant" - (provided a chocolate drop is placed under it). Bearing in mind these new advocates will have nothing useful to contribute, perhaps this could be a way of deciding cases?

Unfortunately he can't sit Tuesdays or Fridays. He started training as a guide dog, but now does complex corneal transplants on those days.

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