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Everyone has a fundamental right to choose who they want to represent them including the Mckenzie Friend as you put it who are you to decide for them they have their own minds your just mad because people are waking up to the antics of the way the legal system are treating people like they are fools to your wrongs denying the rights of the people by your unlawful Constitutional Reform Act 2005 where nobody stand responsible for their actions taken.

These courts have the authority and i would add the duty in a proper case, when called upon, to inquire into the exercising of a discretionary power by Minister or his department. If it is found that this power has been exercised improperly or mistakenly so as to infringe unjustly on the legitimate rights and interest of the subject, then those courts must so declare. They stand, as ever, between the Executive and the subject Terence alert to see that any coercive action is justified in law.

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