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There is a lot of misunderstanding of what I said. Check my LinkedIn feed for a full explanation as it is from there that the story is drawn. In brief, with a black and blue hard BREXIT seriously and sadly likely, UK qualified lawyers (and this affects many non U.K. citizen lawyers or potential lawyers who have chosen to be UK qualified) practising in Brussels have a serious problem for not only will they, post BREXIT, lose LPP and EU courts rights of audience (as with their colleagues in the U.K.) but their ability to practice law here in Brussels may be seriously restricted as they won't be on the E List anymore. Given that certainty, all I have said is that any U.K. Qualified lawyer applicants need to not only be top notch in every way but also be qualified in an EU27 member state or have a commitment and plan to do so. It's perfectly simple and regrettably necessary. Only the swivel eyed 👀 of which seems to be a few could object. As for me, I have lived and worked here for 23 years relying on free movement (and the benefits of the single market which Mrs Thatcher negotiated in the Single Act), and I must protect my position and ability to continue to live and work here. I feel that my country has betrayed me, I'm afraid. Hence I have little choice but to do what I'm doing in taking Belgian citizenship and becoming an Avocat and it's in that EU27 capacity that I intend to practice going forward (except when working in the U.K.). If that means I deserve Belgium and it deserves me, then so be it. May the swivel eyed, swivel away. I hope that clarifies.

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