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An interesting analogy, Mike. I would add that remaining in the EU would itself be taking a step into the unknown. There are elections in Holland, France, Germany, Italy and Austria this year the outcome of which is generally expected to drag those countries towards the (undemocratic?) right. What would we do then if we had voted to remain? What would our plan have been? More of the same?

The EU faces massive challenges, not least with the state of the Euro. The ECB is printing money at the rate of 80bn per month. Immigration is completely out of control. Unemployment is high. Corruption is an institution in itself. (Who would have thought that a French minister of finance determined to clamp down on undeclared foreign bank accounts would have been locked up for...having an undeclared foreign bank account; or that Christine Lagarde, the head of the World Bank for goodness sake, would have been found guilty of criminal financial negligence...but let off with an absolute discharge?). What would our plan have been for dealing with those issues? Acquiescence? The EU is not a static institution. It is evolving and not in a positive way. No one seems able to halt the once monthly move from Brussels to Strasbourg for a week, despite the fact that 27 of the 28 member states want it to stop. The accounts have not been audited for over 20 years. The accountant who refused to sign them off was sacked for failing to do so and has not been replaced.

The sister ship of the Titanic, the Britanic, was driven into a minefield and sunk despot its having been made even more 'unsinkable' after the 1912 disaster. The EU is a minefield and its institutions are going full steam ahead seemingly oblivious to the dangers ahead and without any plans for avoiding them.

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