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Buyers Solicitors Duties to Bank (and the Bank's Customer):


Duties of the Seller at Page 29:


"....Send sufficient monies to the lender in accordance with any
undertakings. ..."

I appreciate it says any undertakings, but I would be getting a copy of the 1977 Council Directive. It was standard basic practice on the Law Society Finals to ask for confirmation that all mortgages would be redeemed on completion (or if not to list which ones would be).

I shouldn't have thought that basic standard practice changes so that the requirements get less rigorous over a time period (I mean look at that in the light of Bolam, it wasn't OK to have a phial that was cracked now it is)? - I haven't read Bolam in some time though (but one understands that angle)?

Basic Conveyancing Practice seems to me to dictate that an Undertaking must be given and sought to clear Mortgages at Completion (at the stage of written requisitions).

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