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@David Crawford
Commented on: 5 February 2017 05:38 GMT:

Only once have I done an epitome. That was house that remind in the family for 130 years (Family purchase, Grant of Probate (on back of Conveyance (once I understand s good route of title if sworn before a Commissioner))!

Fascinating, in a historical sense, but the Land Registry Certificate was much easier in many ways.

I blame the seller's Solicitors here for not doing checks, not MDR. still!

I simply do not accept that it is in the public interest for any Solicitor to be able to sell property on behalf of a client that doesn't won it. That leaves the ability to ask and receive and rely on any pre contract enquiries or requisitions, impossible.

Perhaps the money should only be allowed to be released on actual confirmed registration at HMLR?. If urgent registration is required there could be an extra fee at the Land Registry for Registration that day.

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