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Yet still the public don't seem that bothered about the lack of "access to justice" because come on lets face it every paralegal and claimant solicitor working in this sector has this philosophy rooted in everything they do.
You have sat by and watched your own sector milk the system till it bled to death and the "milking" had nothing to do with clients access to justice but simply to fleece the insurance industry.
Whilst that insurance industry was heavily taxed it still managed to invest and create revenue to keep afloat whilst the courts (Birkenhead in particular) did everything it could to aide the milking.
Basically the claimant sector did not invest in anything other than larger premises and IT systems and as such when these reforms WILL happen you can only blame yourselves.
And for the record my job will be gone along with thousands of others but I have zero sympathy having watched for 10 years the corruption in this industry

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