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I agree but the huge percentage of those low value claims in my eyes do not warrant financial compensation other than the out of pocket expenses caused in relation to the accident, I wouldn't wipe my backside on 99% of the Medco reports I have seen over the years and no respecting claimant solicitor would either but they know that the insurance industry has been powerless to stop it as it makes everybody money bar the insurance company.
Treat with rehabilitation funded by the insurer (as happens now) with 1 set rate for all providers, replace or repair damaged vehicle (as happens now) but stating a minimum payment of £1000 for a 4 week sprain has simply fuelled this crisis, once people realise that the easy £1000 is not that easy to get anymore then will they bother claiming? probably not is the answer and as such they will still have access to justice but simply wont be bothered, again this affects my job should the reforms go ahead

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