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"I said that the Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of a privileged few, but by the interests of ordinary, working-class families. People who have a job, but don’t always have job security. People who own their own home, but worry about paying the mortgage. People who can just about manage, but worry about the cost of living and getting their kids into a good school. And in the coming weeks, we’re going to show the country that we mean business, by starting the process of leaving many injured people on their own to understand the portal process, and the Civil Procedure Rules and try their hand against experience insurance representatives and their paid advocates, and process their claims to the rightful amount they are due for the same, as long as that injury isn't a whippie in which case they get nowt. And you can always get help from a Claims Management Company! Oh, and the IOU on that insurance policy certificate can't be renewed immediately, and comes without guarantee. But we quite sure that the man from the Pru will pull through, for you.

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