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Many have questioned if the insurers will pass on the savings. Mr Dalton answered far to candidly when asked in Parliament how much money the insurance industry had made for the last changes. 'Hundreds of millions of pounds', but he then added 'that's why premiums are going down'. What he was probably meaning was costs are going down, hence insurance dividends and CEO's pay have gone up since 2013. The industry is too savvy not to pass on some reduced premiums in the very short term, hence they have/are already adding the additional £40 or so to premiums this year (up 12-15%), just so that they will be able to make it seem they are reducing premiums after the reforms - i.e. they'll overcharge their customers this year, and then again in 2 and 3 years time etc. just not immediately after the reforms.
Also are the policyholders who are (allegedly)going to save on the reforms not also the insurers very same 'customers' who will be left without adequate compensation/access to the Courts? Once the insurers have ended all rights to compensation for 'modest injuries', what about stopping people claiming for modest vehicle damage as well. New Clause 3521 'If you drive a 6 year old Corsa, any claim for damage will be deemed 'unnecessary', just don't damage somebodies Bentley!

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