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Well first of all my v. large slice of humble pie has been eaten to the last arid crumb, I am just glad I didn't take a position on the respective number of seats as I would be crying into vin ordinaire.

In respect of the composition of the cabinet, the appointments are more about the internal stability of the Party than the individuals' merit for their brief: hence why Liz Truss was given the LC brief in the first place. Can you imagine the reaction of Cudly Ken was made LC? JRM et al would be livid.

While I think it is a rebuttable presumption that the LC should be a lawyer I would rather have a bright and capable non lawyer than some of the lawyers who are sitting on the green benches. RLB anyone?

Let us wait and see the policy direction of the government and refrain from casting snide assertions about the Minister being in the insurers pockets, it does us no favours to insinuate corruption when we should be seeking to positively engage and build bridges.

Finally for those of a Labour persuasion, don't forget your party is (like all) a coalition and not without a difficult course to steer in un charted waters.

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