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@ Anonymous 09:18 GMT "Awaiting comments from lawyers re "chatbot"? "

As a response to that request , I am genuinely interested in what this can offer people. AI is being used across the legal industry to undertake the high intensity, low grade work that does not require extensive training, experience and expertise and can be more efficiently/cheaply performed by computers. Where the difficulty with AI arises is in the more complex sphere, where much of lawyers' work sits.

Moving from creating software to challenge one's own parking tickets (and, slightly tongue in cheek, many lesser mortals might have perhaps decided a better investment of time would be to actually park somewhere that will not attract a penalty) to a 'chatbot' to cover 1,000 legal queries in 100 categories is a phenomenal piece of work by someone who may not fully understand the full depth and range of legal matters and issues.

I think in reality we are not talking about a 'robot lawyer' here. We are talking about a robot assistant programmed to give an initial signpost to what might be the relevant documentation. But then again might not. Who knows. More importantly, who will check?

Anything that can help with access to justice is a good thing. Whether or not this will remains to be seen. But well done for trying, Mr Browder and here's hoping that you can deliver on giving 'everyone the same legal power as the richest in society' one day.

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