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As a Locum with over 35 years experience as a conveyancer I think I have seen enough changes for the worse over time to be able to comment below, with an unbiased view since I am not tied to any Firm. Two things which need to be dealt with sooner rather than later to improve the market/general service:-

1. Abolish the CQS mark. It does nothing to improve the whole conveyancing experience for clients, yet for Solicitors the red tape and paperwork it requires is cumbersome and time consuming. A complete waste of time.

2. Abolish referral fees which surely are a.) acting as a restraint of trade b) a conflict of interest c) keeping down fees leading to clerks and inexperienced people carrying out conveyancing transactions leading to delays in matters progressing and frustrations all round.

There is no substitute for experience and competence. Yet I am still waiting for the Law Society to pick my knowledge, maybe it is because I don't have a degree and am not a young hot-shot lawyer who talks the talk?

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