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@ Anon 12th October 2017 06:46

'I'm amazed that the comments appear concerned with his title rather than his activities'


'This article was updated on 11 October to make it clear that Adeola was not a chartered legal executive'.

What is a Chartered Legal Executive?

A Chartered Legal Executive is a lawyer who has followed one of the prescribed routes to qualification set out by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). Chartered Legal Executives are eligible to become partners in law firms and to share in the firm's profits. If you are looking for a way into the law, then this is an ideal route to choose.

'According to a notice published by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, Adeola is company director at Vinbrooke Legal Practitioners, in Kent. He misrepresented the company as being able to give immigration advice'.

So my question here is, what is he actually being accused of and locked up for?? being unqualified or mis-selling a service?

Because it seems to me that they are being rather pedantic, as it appears that he is actually legally qualified, but however their all pissed off because he did not have 'their papers' to say that he could advertise.

And they stole this man liberty because of that? tut tut tut.

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