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1 – Why is it that the SECRETARY OF STATE FOR JUSTICE (Government) is allowed to defend this application with NO apparent regard whatsoever concerning defence costs and time? In effect the Government seems to have LIMITLESS funds, and time, to oppose this application without any regard for the ENORMOUS cost and time levied against Omid T and his legal representatives, Omid T having to fund his application privately. This is a ridiculous scenario, is fundamentally unfair, and ironic, as supposedly, through opinion polls, 80% of the adult population in this country are in favour of a change in the law on ‘assisted dying’. But the simple answer is that the Government costs are supposedly drawn from the public purse, and are therefore limitless, with no justifications required nor apparent boundaries, and could continue in ‘defence’ potentially indefinitely – Omid T does not enjoy limitless funds, nor unfortunately time. The Government is surely elected to represent, and make and administer laws for the benefit of its population as a whole, and work for its people as a whole, this is called ‘Democracy’.

2 – What happens to Omid T’s application when he runs out of the funds to pursue this case, as surely he will, and indeed what happens to the wider issue of ‘Right To Die / Legalised Assisted Dying’. The issue will no doubt be returned, unresolved, to ‘gather dust in the Government cupboard’ until such time another brave individual has the will and is able to secure substantial private funding to take the Government back to court. Another long drawn-out court battle to fight, with ENORMOUS expense involved.

3 – The Government should not hide behind the smokescreen of ‘protecting the vulnerable’. Instead it should be consulting with experts to formulate a policy on ‘Legalised Assisted Dying’ that protects the vulnerable from being exploited but recognises the human right of mentally competent adults who have long term incurable illnesses to choose when and how to end their lives. If one of the criteria for an adult to have a ‘life ending choice’ is that the person should have full mental capacity, then one requirement could be that the person concerned would have / should have to complete a document ‘Advance Decision To Refuse Treatment’, properly signed and witnessed to comply with legal requirement. This document should then be registered with an appropriate Government department similar to ‘The Office of Public Guardianship’.

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