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I'm 76 and grew/was brought up never to give offence, even if it was deserved, apart from anything else because refraining from it would gain me respect from those whose respect was worthwhile. Yet I never thought that 'telling a woman that she looked nice' in an appropriate way and appropriate circumstances would cause the woman to TAKE offence, and indeed, when I have made such a remark, it has always drawn a positive response, rather than sparking some suspicion that I was 'making a pass at her' or being supercilious. Many women within my age range, if I get into conversation with them about the matter, while wholly in agreement about how genuinely offensive men should be vigorously put down, are also dismissive of women who 'don't know how to take a compliment.
I would have thought that this profession had a penalty far more draconian than censure and fines for sexist behaviour of the conscious and ingrained type mentioned here, and that is striking off for a period that reflects the degree of offensiveness and the seniority of the offender, and is widely publicised. 'Closing ranks' rather than reporting (ie condoning) it would also be penalised.

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