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Segregated offices?

When I worked in London (as a trainee and junior associate bloke), a female partner would always "stand too close" and her hand would always brush / rest on mine when discussing a document etc. A colleague suggested I sleep with her, no sex necessary, ‘just cuddles’ would do. Another colleague used repeatedly to press her thigh against me under the table in meetings whilst staring at me. Poker face, poker face …. I don’t suppose any of this was unusual.

I’m only now realising that I must have been “harassed”.

Camille Paglia once noted that:

"I argue that country women of the agrarian era were physically and mentally stronger than today's high-profile, feminism-spouting women careerists, doing their Pilates and spinning routines at the pricey gym. ... The great irony is that too many of today's privileged white middle-class girls at elite schools can't seem to express themselves forcefully enough even to manage their own dating lives. They have to run to parental proxies on campus grievance committees to intervene for them. This isn't feminism—it's neurosis and hysteria."

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