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I started my legal career as a court security officer. I realised (my now colleagues) were no smarter than I was and in some cases less so! This was back in the early 90's when security was first put out to private contractors.
There are rules that have to be enforced, although I admit occasionally you see a jobsworth approach, the majority are reasonable and enforced reasonably.
They also apply EQUALLY to EVERYONE whether lawyer or Joe Public! Unless the Lord Chancellor gives you an option out. (So now you know who to complain to!!)
The bod in a uniform will be there for many hours dealing with the same attitudes of disdain as displayed in this article, a focus of anger, frustration and often violence. All for not much pay.

Until something happens (attack on an opposition lawyer anyone??) then they are expected to don on cape and underpants and save the day. All emergency plans depend on them acting swiftly, properly in terms of the plan, searching the building for idiots who think that evacuations (drills or real) do not apply to them and often being the last ones out.

So next time you look down your nose at them try to at least do it with a smile! One day your life may depend on them!
(Oh and if I knew then what I know now...? I would have become a plumber!!)

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