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One supposes that conveyancing must be more exciting work than undertakers work - but I could be wrong. ''BURIAL - I am constantly reading undertakers' bills, which always seem to be excessive; but their work is unpleasant and perhaps for that reason their fees are seldom contested. All the swansdown pillows and what I may call the millinery of the coffin are highly priced, although according to the American Morticians Journal American figures are not lower than the British. Burial is an unhappy compromise between embalming and cremation. Surely it is better either to preserve the body or to resolve it at once into clean elements. I once heard a man advocate what he called the ''natural processes of burial''. The vague invocation of the ''natural'' seems always to be the last refuge of the fool''. (Pages From a Lawyer's Notebooks - E.S.P. Haynes, p.37, published by Watts & Co - first published in the Thinker's Library, 1939).

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