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In reply to David appears you have no knowledge of the amount of paperwork passed through Land Registry of which precious little is ever challenged . Nineteen years between 1990-2009 where different addresses for service were lodged with no one checking if any were lodged by the owners themselves. Land Registry's loosing access to their own electronic date in 1994. The Advertising Standard's Authorities' Adjudication of the 25 th July 2007, against Land Registry's mis-leading literature sent out to the UK Public that the ASA says they informed the media of and mysteriously we the Great British Public were never told about. Land Registrys' admittal to passing over 6,500 cases for judicial involvement and none of these cases made aware of the ASA Adjudication or the wrong information being circulated. Am l to presume that Land Registry's Corporate Lawyer ( Mike Westcott-Rudd) in charge of day to day publications of Land Registry , prevented the release of the ASA Adjudication? Then there is Emmett & Farrant on Title looking into the bringing in of the LRA2002 and the involvement of a dominant Land Registry with a Law Commissioner already in the camp of Land Registry and the setting up of the AHMLR that cases that had previously been tens in number were suddenly tens of thousands. Add to that the further misleading literature the AHMLR was peddaling out to the UK Public who Land Registry had passed cases to in 2009 and far from accessing the better conveyancers, it would appear to date that Land Registry goes the extra distance to ensure all sorts of wrongs not only happen , but are covered up. Time me thinks for culpability and redress .

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