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Disclaimer: I'm commercially conflicted as set out below.

Clarification: actually the title of the article is 100% absurd: shame on the LSJ! Nowhere in the body of the article is it suggested that judges should learn about computer code. If the judge actually said that, I'd like to see it. This reminds me of the penultimate draft of the GDPR which stated that DPOs ought to be conversant with systems logs and computer source code. This is nothing of the sort.

@Anon 14:45: Vos J is absolutely right. I think you miss the point: he gave a whole lot of reasons litigation would still be necessary (I could add a whole lot more off the top of my head) and, by simple logical extension, judges will remain necessary.

In context, my own software identifies legal risk associated with transactions: scenarios placed before it. It doesn't say "litigate" or "don't litigate" (actually it's more pre-transaction than post-transaction, but the point is the same). All it attempts to do is quantify worst-case financial and criminal risk, raising red flags in respect of possible non-compliance with current or known future laws. Then the party, if they're not insane, can take legal advice and on that basis decide whether to accept each (transaction) risk, eliminate it, mitigate it, or flag it as a "false positive". It is submitted this can only add to the need for advice lawyers (though conceivably reducing the need for certain litigation lawyers).

Oh by the way, don't believe all the clods that says the big breakthroughs in AI are just around the corner. I stopped believing that rubbish in the 1960s. Note: this is not the same as saying malgorithms can't and don't run our lives: I recommend the very lay-readable "Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy" by the data scientist Cathy O'Neill - written even before the vote-rigging events of recent years.

Likewise, I suggest an amusing but very shocking short video of the ultimate threat: the Stamp Collector AI

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