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Putting this case to one side (tut tut claimant solicitors didn't something smell?) you cannot really do a proper job for £500 if you have to cross-check everything and do all the work yourself.

The situation now is:

1. Submit a CNF online. Electronic signature and if proper instructions are taken yes you can sign a CNF, or at least I have no problem doing so.

2. Get admission - instruct via MedCo. No medical records in most cases.

3. Read then send report to client - if approved submit with offer and special damages offers and evidence and that's it.

There is none of the old school checking, cross-checking, reviewing medical records to ensure consistency and all that. But it also means that because costs are low that everything is stripped to the bone procedure-wise.

You can still do a good job but I reckon you actually need to be Grade B or above to do it right and within an economic time frame, whilst at the same time sniffing out the dodgy ones (which are few and far between from my experience - no I don't do bulk RTA).

But I'd re-vamp the whole thing - tear it down and start again:

No advertising

No cold or consent call rubbish


No medical agencies

Have fixed rate (i.e. 5% uplift) credit hire but only where the defendant insurer has had the opportunity to provide a hire car but has declined.

No third party capture

Your details