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I know of no recent - say last 40 years; I go back nearly 60 - when outside influences - jury tampering is a different matter - affected a criminal trial. And then it was adverse pre-trial reporting - ignorance if you like.

So I’m not clear how a judicially chaired tribunal would be affected one way or the other. Judicial oaths do mean something.

Anyway, I get the impression that public opinion would throw away the key.

Anon 16.16. I hope that you have formally reported the threat to those who keep the records and that they have your address etc. And that they’re doing something about it. Offences may have been committed.

The tribunal - if the case reaches it - should take it into account. And what have you to lose by having a hearing to which you may be called to confirm the the threat, and if release is granted influencing the licence terms? Better that, surely, than reading about it in the paper and after the event in ignorance of what comes next.

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