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"The justice secretary was represented at the board's request." - how interesting that this isn't widely reported in the media/accepted by the LC. If the Parole Board erred in law or came to an unreasonable decision, presumably the LC would have been aware of that immediately and could have been proactive in seeking JR. Instead JR only raises its head after the public outcry.

This is symptomatic of the weaselly politics of successive Governments and we can see how it will play out:

1) Public outcry at something the Government were aware of and in reality know won't be successfully JR'd;
2) Government declare it's an outrage, the unaccountable Parole Board need to be stopped and they will be challenged through the courts by JR;
3) JR properly fails as no grounds upon which to base it;
4) Government blames "enemy of the people" judges for not interfering with the Parole Board decision, but says there is nothing more they can do and they are as disgusted about it all as Johnny Public;
5) Trebles all round at Petty France for another stich-up of the legal system and attack on the Rule of Law.

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