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In what sense is freedom of religion 'protected'? As a layperson, I assumed that it meant you could (claim to) believe in whatever supernatural fairy-tales you liked and follow their precepts so long as they transgressed neither the law nor the rights of others, although you could infringe the right of others not to believe, at least as long as they were minors being indoctrinated in school or in church or in private by parents.
Is an undertaker, just arranging for an atheist's burial next day, after the Christian morning one he has already arranged, obliged to give way to a Muslim waiting at hand to arrange his father's next day burial? As a citizen, and member both of Liberty and Justice, I find the idea outrageous, that the State should put one citizen before/after another on the grounds of irrational belief.
And it has long been obvious that laws badly drafted by specialist lawyers easily get by the 'scrutiny' of the numerous MP lawyers but was this 'rock and a hard place' inevitable? No. If one of the drafters was appointed a 'devil's advocate', with the job of nit-picking every questionable point, they would mostly be corrected.

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