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Is Paul Philip good for the legal profession or clients?
If he insists that I must publish price information on conveyancing matters and I can be punished for not doing so then I should like to know the statutory basis upon which he feels able to make such a regulation especially as the evidence doesn't support his position.
What a shame he doesnt put the same effort into disciplining those crime firms who pay clients for instructions, who pay third parties for referrals, who fail to recogise conflict of interest, who coerce clients into transfering instructions, who obtain disclosure of IDPC packs before receiving instructions to act and who assist clients in their criminal activities. One would think that in the scale of things such clear breaches of the Code and the law ranked of greater importance than "price" information?
Final points.
Clients aren't consumers.
Fees aren't akin to price.
Value is not the same as worth.

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