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True! Also remember that none of the Acts (1967, 1993, 2002) actually prescribes a calculation formula. Let us hope that the Law Commission's work includes:
a. a statutory and user-friendly formula;
b. a right for tenants to challenge landlords' solicitors' conveyancing fees as if they were the solicitors' clients (esp. since the tenants have the dubious privilege of having to pay those fees without having a client's right of challenge other than before a Tribunal; and
c. a consolidation of the 90 or so Acts into no more than half a dozen each dealing with a specific aspect of leases- e.g. leasehold law generally, houses, individual flats, blocks of flats, business lettings, public-sector residential, private-sector residential OR into one mammoth Act. Too much recent LC output results in either (a) no action by Parliament or (b) just tweaking existing legislation. The 1985 Acts were a missed opportunity!

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