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Anon 18:27 You are the epitome of that oxymoronic "Honest Lawyer" that lawyers find so amusing. The public doesn't "like to mix evasion and avoidance". It shows how little you understand of ordinary people, who would think lawyers' oh so clever 'distinguishing' (as clever judges do between cases that seemed the same) between someone who pays less tax than he should and one who, advised by a smart lawyer, still pays less tax than the law intended he should pay, but without putting his toenail over the line of criminality, and being therefore, in your view, a wholly honest, trustworthy citizen, totally undeserving of vilification by his deprived fellows, and utterly beyond comparison with the first dodger, who is wholly devoid of honesty.
There are frequent posts in the Gazette about the (undeserved) public suspicion of the profession, but it might help itself, if it's really honest, by making rules that would as far as possible keep people like you out of it.

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