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"Otherwise who would ever represent a proven murderer, rapist, terrorist, or the government?"
Oh, yes, of course, guaranteeing legal advice to one accused of a crime; that's what we're talking about, so we must have the 'cab rank' rule.
Get real. The rule should be abolished in civil cases, so the public will be able to judge, condemn, vilify lawyers who jump to the service of those, for example, who will pay them handsomely for enabling them to evade (in common parlance) large amounts of tax, mainly to the detriment of the poor, dependent on the public services it provides, by advising them how to twiddle their plans sufficiently that they merely 'avoid' tax, and so are to be judged, according to lawyers, to be totally honest, but not according to me and millions of others (and probably by the lawyer who first found amusement in the oxymoronic 'The Honest Lawyer').

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